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Bikes on the FOOTpath are ILLEGAL and DANGEROUS

They are a nuisance and more importantly a danger to pedestrians.

Step out of your front door on to the path   WHACK!!
Stop move across to look in a shop window   WHACK!!
Change direction   WHACK!!
Cross the road in a ONE way street check for traffic all clear then cross   WHACK!!
Tell your children when stepping ON to the pavement FROM the road STOP, look right, look left then right again. If all clear then you can walk on the pavement. but keep looking behind you just in case.

This problem needs resolving, so to express your views and concerns write to the Gazette outlining your concerns for your and others safety.

This site is to enable you to become involved in publicising this problem so it can be satisfactorily resolved. Get this site well known

Write to the Gazette out lining your concerns about bikes being allowed to ride on the PAVEMENT

Daily Gazette
Unit 1 Brunel Court,
Brunel Way
Severalls Industrial Estate
or Email
Quote this site as an example of the bikes that you are concerned about.
stop bike cycling on the path and pavement